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In 1980, Certified Golf Course Superintendent John Kosmalski developed and perfected a precision tool used for accurately setting the height of cut of greens mowers at his golf course. The tool was so helpful and effective, John felt that other golf courses could benefit by having one as well. He trademarked the tool ACCU-GAGE and, in 1981, began selling them by direct mail to golf courses throughout the country. Soon, other products were developed to help set up all types of mowing equipment from greens mowers to gang mowers. The company incorporated under the name Precision Tool Products Co. and was known by that name until it became obvious there was some confusion in the marketplace between our company and other companies using the "Precision" description in their name. In 1997, we decided to distinguish ourselves from these other companies by changing our name to ACCUPRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL. Our new name incorporates both our ACCU-GAGE line and our international presence throughout the world, which as a result of the internet, fax machines, and air transportation companies, has become a small place.


We hope you browse through the products you see on our web site. We will be happy to send you a catalog listing our full line of products just for the asking. If we can be of further assistance or to answer any questions you may have, you can call us within the United States using our telephone number 800-253-2112 or from outside the U.S. at 734-429-9571 or fax us at 734.429.3985. Of course you can e-mail us at: info@accuproducts.com