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The Accu-gage is a precision instrument and it requires careful handling. The following precautions should be followed to prolong the life of the Accu-Gage.

  • Do not lubricate the plunger of the dial gauge, as it does not need any lubrication. It is manufactured to a very close fit in its bearings and oil, no matter how thin, will collect dust and clog its movement. If the dial gage is inevitably used in places where oil and dirt comes into contact with the plunger it is a good practice to wipe the top and bottom side of the plunger using a clean lint free cloth.
  • Try not to knock or drop the accu-gage, as a sudden jerk, movement or acceleration to the plunger will result in damages to the precision gear movement inside. 
  • Do not use solvent to clean the glass crystal because it could dissolve the crystal. 
  • Although our bars are sufficiently durable, excessive checking of roller roundness can lead to bar wear, especially if the rollers are dirty. 
  • Do not over tighten the bezel clamp screw because it is sensitive to breaking.
  • Do not over tighten the indicator head, as this can lead to breaking of the spindle guide. 

Additional precautions when using our digital gages.

  • Avoid contact with liquids and excessive humidity
  • If the gage requires cleaning, use only isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth. 
  • The battery is low when the display flashes. To replace the battery, remove the side battery compartment. Replace with (1) CR2032 battery. 


We are always available to help with service questions.  Call 800-253-2112 and ask for service.