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We are frequently asked which is the best ACCU-GAGE for our needs, digital or mechanical type, and what size bar do I need?   Below are some differences and a guide to pick the correct bar length. 


  • Easy to read display.  The measurements can be read in decimal inch or millimeters on a clear digital readout. 
  • The digital gages are durable, but you must take extra care not to get water inside them which can happen if you are setting the mowers after they have been recently washed.
  • You will need to keep a spare battery on hand for quick replacement.
  • They can be re-calibrated easily by the user.  Just push the zeroing button.


  • Mechanical types do not need a battery.
  • They are a little more durable than the digital type.
  • They require some training to read properly.
  • More skill required for calibration.

Both mechanical and digital are accurate to within .001 inch or .01 mm.



The easiest way to determine that is to measure the distance from bottom dead center of the front roller to the front edge of the bedknife.   Then measure from the bottom dead center of the rear roller to the front edge of the bedknife.  (see the diagram below)

Do this on all your mower types, both with and without groomers.  You can then choose from the length bar that best fits your needs.

Here are the measurements of our ACCU-GAGES:

Bar Length Center of indicator head to front of bar Back of bar
13" 6" 7"
15" 6" 9"
18" 9" 9"
24" 12" 12"


With some manufacturers, there might be part of the frame that will interfere with a bar that is too long .  So if you are setting the mowers on a lift and unattached from the frame, this needs to be considered.

Also note that you can adjust the bar length yourself by simply cutting the bar with a hacksaw.  Or, we can cut it in advance for you at no extra cost.