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Turf Microscope

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Easily inspect your Turf Grass!

Three Tools in One!

1)  25x Microscope

2)  8x Monocular

3)  3x Loupe

The Turf Microscope is a great tool for any superintendent who needs a better view of the Health and Quality of their turf. 

Three Tools in One!

1)  25x Microscope

2)  8x Monocular

3)  3x Loupe

When the 3x Loupe and the 8x Monocular are connected together, they become a Powerful 25x Microscope!


  • Easily Inspect the Quality of cut of your Turf Grass at 25x Power!
  • Identify Physiological Conditions of your Turf Grass such as Diseases and Nutrient Issues.

Features & Specifications

  • Built Light Weight & Portable
  • Fully Coated Optics
  • Rubber Eye Piece can be used with or without Glasses
  • 20mm Objective Lens
  • Dimentions 7" x 2" x 2"
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