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Practical Limits to Accuracy

Striving for accuracy beyond practical limits can be both inefficient and frustrating. It is always best to establish a tolerance of accuracy that can produce the desired result without being too difficult to achieve or maintain. The following are some suggestions based upon our own experience and the experience reported by other mechanics and superintendents.





.090 - .250

4% of setting. For example:

Setting = .125

Tolerance = +- .005

Tee or Fairway

.300 - .500



.500 - 1.00



1.50 and up



Groomers For Greens

A typical setup using the Groomer-Gage, might be setting the groomer 20% lower than the cutting height. For example, with a cutting height of .125, set the groomer at .100. A reasonable tolerance here would be 10% or .010. This is due to the overall difficulty of finding the exact low point on a grooming reel. 


Roller to Reel Alignment Using the Bench-Plate

With Greensmowers, both the front and rear rollers need to be parallel with the cutting plane of the reel and bedknife. When not parallel, the mowing unit will have a tendency to rock, and depending on the height of cut and how much is out of adjustment will cause the mowed surface to appear uneven. When checking or setting the rear roller on greensmowers we recommend using a .003 feeler gage or a piece of paper as a gage to be used when the mower is set flat on a Bench-Plate. For tee or fairway height, .006 should be adequate.